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Full Version: How to Upload (And Download) Files here:
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Hey guys -- We are going to try this out as one way of uploading and downloading our mixcraft files --

Step 1 - Make a New Topic/Thread or just Reply to an existing post.
At the BOTTOM of the page will be "New Attachment [Choose File]" -- You Click Choose File as shown here:

[Image: band1.jpg]

Step 2:
Then it will Open a box to find the file on your computer -- Click the file/select the file - Then click Open -- As shown below:

[Image: band2.jpg]

Be patient on the upload, it will show in the bottom in percent as it is completing, and when it's at 100% give it time to process (don't close page).

When it's done, it will tell you and it will look something like this:

[Image: band3.jpg]

Now with that in mind - When you want to DOWNLOAD a file, you simply look at the lower portion of a post/reply/thread and look for attached files -- In the above image you would click on the "jared test 1.1.zip"  and it would begin downloading to your computer.
thanks chrome great idea Big Grin