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  Amazing 0:00 Goal - Hacking?
Posted by: Chromatic - 06-02-2016, 08:24 AM - Forum: Rocket League - Replies (2)

I showed this short video to several people,.. last night TC and Cutth both were immediately screaming "hacks" when they watched it. I didn't think it looked "fishy" to me - their argument was at this point (as he passes his own goal) the ball goes left towards goal and it wasn't possible for him to manipulate it back to the right like he did. http://bit.ly/1XkjZcG

The slow motion of that particular "moment" is at this point in the rocket league video: http://bit.ly/1Wy6e9w

But check out the full thing ,.. it's epic nonetheless:

I've seen several players who have the skill to keep a ball on the hood of their vehicles for as long as they desire - So I know carrying a ball around like that certainly isn't out of the realm of legitimate possibility in Rocket League, and checking some known sources for game hacks .. I honestly don't see any multiplayer RL hacks out there.

  Why You Need a Radar Detector!
Posted by: Chromatic - 06-02-2016, 08:12 AM - Forum: Cars - Replies (2)

Hey guys,..

I'm a bonafide expert on RADAR/LIDAR - Which stems from Radar Detectors, working on contracts some of the companies (Escort, Cobra, etc) - And I firmly believe everyone who drives needs to invest in a quality Detector  - Just ONE save more than pays for the $250-$650 price tag.

I put up a "Tech Blog" and wrote about Three Detectors I firmly recommend based on your needs/personality/wants -- I encourage anyone who drives regularly, especially those who have had a ticket in the last 5-7 years,.. to give it a read.  If you have any questions go ahead and  comment there -- Or here, either is fine.

The Blog is located (Click)-->  Blog: Why You Need a Radar Detector!

[Image: copradar.jpg]


  9AM - Rush Hour - Sneak Cop - Speed Trap -Saved from Speeding Ticket
Posted by: Chromatic - 05-31-2016, 06:54 PM - Forum: Youtube - No Replies

This morning out for a quick Server maintenance , my Valentine One Radar Detector (Running with the application we built YaV1) saved my derriere from being pulled over and receiving a nice speeding ticket.  I was only going about +12-15 over the speed limit (common for that road) -- but in this car anything over 5-7 over will always get the attention of a Cop/Police in a Speed Trap waiting on an unlucky "customer".  This cop was catching the tail end of Rush Hour traffic right about 9am.

The video has two of the cameras shown in my car -- The main dash cam (everyone should have one, .. but another subject) -- and then a secondary camera which I can move with it's swivel to any area / angle I need -- (IE: Cop pulls me over, I can flick it to the window area,.. for this it shows the Nexus 7 Tablet running YaV1 (tied into the detector) and the detector itself) [In upper right hand corner in this video].  If any of you ever get any speeding tickets,.. I'm a literal *expert* when it comes to Radar/Laser Detectors and can help you out for whatever your budget is, and more importantly giving you advice as to the 3-4 detectors that actually WORK and aren't just annoying noise makers.

Video (full):  http://bit.ly/1RKK1Ni

Note: At the end of the video my audio Alert System finally works (though quite a bit late lol)

  Mind Bending Optical Illusions from Art
Posted by: Chromatic - 05-29-2016, 07:07 PM - Forum: Off-Topic - No Replies

This first one is amazing, given it was done in 1892,.. If, needed, move away from the image and you will see something quite different than up close. Fantastic:

All is Vanity (1892) by Charles Allan Gilbert:

[Image: Skullart.jpg]

Stand close to the black-and-white drawing and it appears to be little more than a depiction of a familiar domestic interior scene: a woman sitting at her dressing table (or “vanity”) staring at her reflection in the mirror opposite. Step back, and the image, deprived of its scrutinisable details, curdles grimly into an all-encompassing skull, grinning gothically from the shadows. Once the two overlapping images are registered in the observer’s mind, the eye shuttles between comprehension of one and then the other, as they wrestle for priority. A contrivance of the illustrator Charles Allan Gilbert, the drawing offered American magazine readers in the closing years of the 19th Century a fresh and startling spin on the convention of the memento mori (or ‘remember you will die’) in art history, which typically took the form of a skull inserted somewhere in a painting to remind viewers of their mortality. Seen from a 21st Century perspective, the inherent preachiness of the drawing (which visually puns on the scriptural admonishment “Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity”) seems more than a little misogynistic in its emphasis on feminine narcissism as the chief locus of damnable frivolity and vice. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Reversible Head With Basket of Fruit (circa 1590) by Giuseppe Arcimboldo:

[Image: art1.jpg]
Tilt the painting one way and it is a vibrant heap of autumnal bounty, as apples, pears, grapes, and figs puzzle for position in an alluring, if seemingly conventional, still life. Flip the oil-on-panel work on its head, as if shaking loose the fruit that fills the wicker basket, and suddenly the plumped-up portrait of a stranger assembles itself from the bright jumble of assorted sweetness. The fibrous lashes of his chestnut eye wink at you playfully to punctuate the visual joke. Painted by the 16th Century Milanese Mannerist Giuseppe Arcimboldo, who would later inspire the imaginations of 20th Century Surrealist painters, Reversible Head With Basket of Fruit tricks the eye into the restless exercise of constructing and destroying one image in favour of the other. The result is a work that is at once amusing and profound – one that reminds the observer not only of the perishability of life but how our physical existence is comprised, materially, of the fragile world around us. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Galatea of the Spheres (1952) by Salvador Dalí

[Image: art2.jpg]
At first glance, the dynamic painting appears to capture the outward propulsion, towards the viewer, of countless colourful atoms – as if suspending in mid-blast a nuclear explosion occurring over a watery expanse. Zoom out, and the seemingly lawless rush of spheres cohere loosely into the coy countenance of a woman’s bust, her head tilted gently in a manner that recalls countless Renaissance madonnas. Spanish surrealist Salvador Dalí’s Galatea of the Spheres was undertaken at a moment of intense global anxiety at the prospect of nuclear armageddon and reveals Dalí’s own accelerating preoccupation with atomic theory in the years following the US nuclear attacks on Japan in 1945. The artist’s wife, Gala Dalí, inspired the endlessly decomposing and composing portrait. By embellishing Gala’s name into an echo of the mythological sea-nymph Galatea of Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Dalí has constructed an elastic work that simultaneously pulls together themes of antiquity and particle physics and blows them to smithereens. (Credit: Archivart/Alamy Stock Photo)

Drawing Hands (1948) by MC Escher

[Image: art3.jpg]
Used effectively, an optical illusion momentarily forces the observer to rethink the relationship between the real world that he or she inhabits and the one depicted in the work. No one understood the penetrative power of illusion better than the Dutch graphic artist MC Escher. In his mesmerisingly meta Drawing Hands (1948), Escher magics from the work’s sketchy surface a closed-circuitry of the-hand-creating-the-hand-creating which appear to defy the limitations of two-dimensional drawing. Obsessed with the mathematics of repeating patterns, Escher’s work was admired by leading contemporary physicists and philosophers. In Drawing Hands, the graphite point of the mirroring pencil appears to be the teensy conduit through which the artist’s existence simultaneously flows into being and dissolves into nothingness. Caught in Escher’s endless rotation, the viewer’s eye is left to run circles around itself. (Credit: public domain)

  What you hope happens when you share a youtube video
Posted by: Chromatic - 05-29-2016, 06:45 PM - Forum: Youtube - No Replies

What you Hope Happens When You Share a Youtube Video.

  Meth- Challenger Elite - With Haney and Chromatic in Ranked 3v3 - Rage Quit
Posted by: Chromatic - 05-28-2016, 11:40 PM - Forum: Rocket League - No Replies

In this Rocket League - Ranked 3 verse 3 game - We had Myself, Challenger I, Division V, Haney - Challenger I (moved to II with last game/win), and Meth3rlence who helped carry us a bit while simultaneously exposing us to harder competition/ranks with his Challenger Elite level Wink

We ended up winning this game 10-2 - With All but one of the team in this one rage quitting (no forfeit, the last guy hung till the end,.. what honor Wink ) -- This game is a definite tribute to Metherlence with at least 6 of the goals.



  Donald Trump Hair Secrets Revealed
Posted by: Chromatic - 05-28-2016, 11:09 PM - Forum: Funny Stuffs - No Replies

LOL -- 12and35 posted this in the http://www.qinteresting.com - http://www.vaughnlive.tv/Qinteresting - Channel chat about Donald Trump and his hair -- Funny spoof/skit.

  Ithaca, New York - Allowing Heroin use to Fight it - Smart Policy
Posted by: Chromatic - 05-28-2016, 04:52 PM - Forum: Politics - No Replies

Ithaca, New York has been working hard to find real solutions to drug problems, recognize they are medical issues - and prohibition, arresting people, etc does NOT work.  The Mayor along with many others involved have a plan to help.

[Image: ithaca1.jpg]

[Image: ithaca2.jpg]

[Image: ithaca3.jpg]

Text: Ithaca, N.Y. (CNN)Don't be fooled by the bucolic scenery or the leafy college campuses; Ithaca, New York has been rocked by the scourge of the heroin epidemic sweeping the United States.

Suffering from the drug epidemic isn't what sets Ithaca apart. It's how their mayor wants to deal with it that makes Ithaca unique.
The city is nestled along the southern shores of Lake Cayuga and consistently recognized as a great place to live in United States. Home to three colleges, it's one of the nation's "Smartest Cities" and boasts low rates of unemployment. But since 2005, eleven people here have died here from opioid overdoses. Seven of those occurred in the past two years. And in a one-month stretch this spring, four Ithaca residents lost their lives.
CNN special coverage: addiction
In response, Ithaca Mayor Svante Myrick has proposed launching a program that has never been legally attempted in the United States: Giving addicts a clean and safe place in the city to use heroin in town.
"The first time I heard it, it sounded like we were just enabling people to do drugs," Myrick said in an interview with CNN in his downtown office. "But the truth is, in the places where it has worked, more people get off of drugs."
The first legal "supervised injection site" opened in Bern, Switzerland, in 1986, and others have since sprung up throughout Europe and in Australia and Canada. The facilities provide access to clean needles and other supplies involved in heroin use untainted by diseases like HIV and Hepatitis C. Users consume the drugs in the presence of a professional trained in treating overdoses, and others who can provide referrals and access to treatment programs. Supporters say this is a superior way to keep dirty needles out of the community and bring addicts out of the shadows.
The idea was just one of many that Ithaca's city government proposed as part of a municipal plan to combat drug abuse, the culmination of a two-year study that included participation from city leaders, social workers, drug policy reform experts, law enforcement, recovering addicts and focus groups involving members of the community.
Ithaca's movement on this issue comes at a time when policymakers are changing attitudes toward tackling drugs. Opioid overdose is the leading cause of unintentional death in the United States. The dire problem has prompted President Obama to expand federal treatment programs. In March the Senate passed a sweeping bill to address addiction problems and the House passed a slew of bills related to the issue in May. And it has played a significant role in both party's presidential nomination contests, with almost all candidates weighing in.
Related: Fentanyl is the new heroin, but deadlier
But Ithaca's leaders say they're tired of waiting for a federal response.
"The state and federal government have failed. They failed," Myrick said. "We needed a solution because we are tired, I am tired of waiting. I'm living a nightmare. Too many brothers and sisters are dying. I just didn't want to wait."
The plan revolves around three focused pillars: Prevention, treatment and harm reduction, and stands as a stark alternative to the way the United States has traditionally responded to drug abuse.
On the question of building a supervised injection site, however, Myrick will have to wait. Heroin is still illegal, and while other American cities have considered launching similar programs without a state or federal blessing, Ithaca won't proceed without state authorization. New York State Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal, a Democrat from Manhattan, plans to introduce a bill to make such sites legal statewide, which would pave the way for Ithaca.
Although a broad group of Ithaca officials were involved in the overall plan, some—including the chief of the city's police department—haven't endorsed every proposal, including the idea of a supervised injection site.
"I am a law enforcement officer. I took an oath to uphold the law and right now under the law heroin is considered an illegal substance," said Ithaca Police Chief John Barber. "So I'm not going to condone the use of heroin whether it's in a facility or not. If it's allowable under the law then so be it, we will conform with the law, but currently it just isn't."
Barber still considers himself an ally of Merrick and supports the spirit of a drug initiative that treats the problem like a health issue instead of a criminal one. Every officer, for example, is trained in the administration of Narcan, an opiate antidote that combats overdoses.
"At this point law enforcement isn't really equipped to do much more than in effect arrest and put people into the criminal justice system," Barber said. "This really is a medical crisis. It's a crisis that I don't believe we can arrest our way out of."

  Current Polling - Clinton vs Trump and Sander's vs Trump
Posted by: Chromatic - 05-27-2016, 12:36 PM - Forum: Politics - No Replies

Current polling is not looking good for Hillary Clinton - Who is not within the margin of 'error' of being dead even with Donald Trump going into the General Presidential Election.

Here is how Hillary Clinton stacks up verse Donald Trump (Clinton Blue, Trump Red) -- [As of May 27th 2016]:

[Image: clintonvtrump.jpg]

Now, Bernie Sander's verse Trump in the General Election still holds up - Sander's maintains a dominating lead over Donald Trump with double digits -- Anywhere from +10% (Points) to as high as +20% (Points) and everything in between.

[Image: sandersvtrump.jpg]

It's quite obvious who the DNC should choose to be their candidate if they want to have a winner at all - and for anyone who wants to keep Trump out of the white house. The only person who can beat him is Bernie Sanders. This isn't me, as a supporter, with hyperbole, bending facts, etc -- It's always been the truth that Sander's had the best chance (by a wide margin) even when Hillary Clinton had an 8-10 point lead herself over Trump, but Sander's had double that, and still does. Hillary lost that lead, and I can only see it going downhill from here for Clinton.

The job of the Democractic National Convention/party is to pick the candidate who has proven they have the best chance to WIN - period,.. All measures show that person is Sanders.. yet unless something odd happens to Clinton between now and a few short weeks to the DNC,.. It will be a Clinton v Trump General Election where Donald Trump looks to win.

  Rocket League 2v2 Ranked - With Haney - Challenger Game
Posted by: Chromatic - 05-27-2016, 12:26 AM - Forum: Rocket League - No Replies

Played with Haney, aka Buck Squarejaw tonight -- we went on a long roll of wins in 2 verse 2 Challenger Ranked in Rocket League.  I believe I moved from Division I to Division IV as it was pairing us primarily with two Challenger I's each match.

In this match the "Commentary" consists of Chromatic, Mr_Haney, TC, Drigger (Minnesotian TC brought in), Hydro (Another Minn. Smile ), etc.  Who knows what was said.. as always if anything is said offensive - I mean every word of it :p

The full video link to youtube itself:


www.Qinteresting.com Originated on JTV in March of 2013 airing the British Panel Show QI (Quite Interesting) solely. As time went on the channel began to add more selective content from the UK. Qinteresting.com currently is compromised of QI, 8 Out Of 10 Cats, Would I Lie to You, 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown, Stephen Fry Specials, Peep Show, Mitchell and Webb, Big Fat Quiz of the Year, and more! This is most watched QI Stream - QI Live Stream - Quite Interesting Stream - on the web. The theme is Comedy with an Interesting and Clever twist!