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QI Channel - Friday Night Movie? What do you think?

Hey guys, and ladies..

We just finished the movie, with Stephen Fry,.. "V for Vendetta" this Friday night, and it has sparked the idea of having a Friday Night movie every week!

These movies don't have to be UK or tied into the normal theme of the channel, but if one is.. great! It can be the latest blockbuster,.. or a classic.

I'd like to do it where you guys suggest them throughout the week and then we vote/pick the one we want to see -- and the suggestions just keep getting voted on for the following weeks , etc.

Think it's a solid idea? Would you like to have a regular movie played every Friday night? Let us know here!

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I think that would be a great idea! could mix em up different genres etc
I was actually pretty disappointed when it came on, since I was hoping for QI or something, but I ended up watching the whole thing... I hadn't seen it in such a long time.

So I think it's a pretty good idea. I think it would be pretty cool if they were tied to the channel in a way though.
Right, so if this were to become a thing, I think it probably needs to tie into the channel somehow. After all, this sort of content is what has brought everyone here. Beyond this one thing, who knows what might hold attention, if anything..... even if it's similar. There are a probably several movies which include, individually or in groups, the members of many of the shows we watch. If that's not confusing enough. I only know a couple myself, but I'm sure some of the UK crowd can fill in with more worthy titles. But I might suggest in theme, Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. They're both comedies with lots of great pop culture references in the dialog and some fun foreshadowing built into the story lines. Plus, they likely have many familiar faces to both Brits and Yanks.

As far as the whole movie night concept goes, I kinda like it. Though, I might suggest it plays a bit later in the evening. A 10 O'clock movie, if you will. Late enough that you could play a large chunk of channel namesake material to satiate any QI jonesing... then follow up with a channel appropriate-ish "special" .. be that movie, comedy special, or just bits. So 2cents for ya there.
Points well taken Mutley.

I've always kept a "theme" for the channel for now over 2 years.. With some opposition by viewers wanting X or Y played -- It just never made sense to me to not have SOME tie .. even if loose, to every piece of content.. unless it was a rare ONE off thing -- Like.. The Stanford prison experiment -- And,.. I actually tie in some of the science stuff merely because it is "Quite Interesting" in the literal sense.. which covers a lot of things.

This will probably happen -- It's just a 2 hour block per week, on Fridays. It won't make or break anyone's "loyalty" to the channel if it's included. Last weeks tied in in multiple ways with it being based on England, had Stephen Fry as an Actor, etc.

But,.. given the quality of movies out there -- I'm not sure if I want to limit myself to just movies that have one of the panelists/hosts as an actor in it.. or something similar.

That's where everyone else comes in -- If people can find Awesome movies that also tie into the broad theme of the channel (and I'm sure people can) -- then that's what I'll play of course.

The type of movie I want to show once per week is one that is one of those movies you can watch again and again. It has to be a masterpiece of sorts.

IE: For me that would be movies like Braveheart,.. Gladiator,.. Even the first Matrix for example. Movies , that to me, I can watch again and again because they are so good, well directed, well acted and so on. There are other movies that I may not want to watch much more than once or twice.. like A Beautiful Mind (great flick)..

Then we have the blockbusters like Xmen and the offshoots of the "Avengers" .. Another set of movies that is fantastic are the NEW Star Trek movies. They are so well done.

I'm an open person to movie genres.. I'll watch them all, and all can have 10/10 in them -- Except, for me, Horror "Scary movies".. They are cheesy to me.. and just not going to be played.

Again, this is a 0.01% of the weeks shows,.. being ~2 Hours of 160 hours,.. So I do want help in choosing movies and the forum is slowly growing so voting is a possibility now with polls after we settle on X movies suggested. I think to start it will be more of an executive decision until the forum grows enough to have enough people regularly using it everyday. Which is why I'm pushing it passively with a message on the lower part of the stream about 75% of the time.. then I pull it off for some parts of the day/week just to keep it "fresh" if you will. Plus referencing something funny, or interesting, or about the stream -- Then linking a topic from the forum in the channel really helps organically grow the place.

My goal here is to have say 40-50% of the stream's viewers participate (some more than others) within a year or so on the forum.. I think it can be a really, really fun and useful and interesting place for the eclectic group of people the Qinteresting channel has attracted as loyal viewers. Smile

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I agree that I'd like to see the films tied into the show or be documentaries... documentaries or starring/directed by/written by those otherwise tied to the channel, and primarily British.

I'm worried that you're setting yourself up for repeated DMCA issues.

I also wonder if Friday night's really the best night. Personally I'm rarely around the channel on Friday nights, and that me be the case for a good number of people (you'd know better than I would). What about Mondays? Monday and movie both start with m after all. What about Brits? Would it be Movie Saturday Mid-Mornings for them? Or is the non-American viewership really low?

Maybe start with long-form British nature/science documentaries and see how it goes? There are surely plenty out there. Attenborough and Cox!

Finally, this stream appeals to me because you show stuff that's different from anyone else. I rarely-to-never watch movies streaming on a site like JTV or Vaughn (except Rifftrax movies, on occasion, because the camaraderie is fun), I use Netflix, HBO, Redbox, Popcorn Time, Hulu... all places where I get better quality and have more control. I can't pause Vaughn to go to the bathroom or make popcorn or get a beer, so I don't find that idea particularly appealing unless it a) ties into the channel, and/or b) is something I can't find in any of those places.

You know, Captain, every year of my life, I grow more and more convinced that the wisest and the best is to focus our attention on the good and the beautiful, if we just take the time to look at it.
-The Phantom Planet [1961]
Good discussion.

First I have to say this is a not a major decision. With that I mean it really doesn't change much either way if we do it, or we don't.

The DMCA concern,.. -- I am very much on top of DMCA (not immune totally) but let's just say it doesn't escape my thought process.

Here is the only issue with that, at the moment. Right now VL is under the radar, it hasn't achieved a high enough viewership level for DMCA's to come down like JTV had every day. At the moment I could play essentially anything besides maybe porno and the channel would stay up.

The problem is I do think in time VL will pop on the radar and there is no way to know when that will be.

I don't want one DMCA, much less having to deal with re creating the channel from multiple DMCA's from a 2 hour time slot once per week. If DMCA's were currently a problem on VL, this wouldn't even remotely be discussed.

This may be something I just decide is not worth going forward with. No one "expects it".. and that may be a good thing. It's harder to remove something than to introduce it.

This isn't a "promotional" thing to bring in new viewers, it's just something.. to be honest.. I thought was neat.

The main thing with the Movie on a Friday (the day is irrelevant) .. was to have a GOOD movie that those in chat could talk about. It's fun. Watching movies by yourself it great, but for some reason it's better with a group of people.

It's the whole premise why this channel is popular. Not the WHOLE reason.. but a significant portion of it. People like to watch these shows with other people. Even if they don't chat. Just knowing other people are there with you and you "could" talk to them if you wanted changes the dynamic.

The question of the movies tieing into the channel completely or not .. really just stems from all the movies out there.. and movies I can think of off the top of my head that are just phenomenal movies I'd like to share with people who haven't seen them (and movies that I haven't seen.. and so on..) the majority of these movies aren't going to directly tie into the niche of a subset of a theme this channel has.

In other words, the theme of the channel highly limits the available options / selection of movies by 98% of what is out there.

Keep your thoughts coming if you'd like. Otherwise.. this will go on the back burner. I've learned that if anything is complicated before it starts (socio-politically) it's often a bad idea to move it forward.

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