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What are cops really thinking when they pull you over for speeding?
Here is a questionnaire A Cop filled out on a community I am a part of (We deal with CM's.. Counter Measures.. ie: Radar Detectors, Laser Jammers, Social Aggregate Networking, Scanners, and so on.. -- Basically any and everything to block cops ability to clock you and your ability to know where they are while  driving.) --

This silly Cop signed up and we gave him a questionnaire to see if he was stupid enough to fill it out.  (Cop's are not allowed in the community and are banned right away).

[Image: cop.jpg]

These are his answers:

1. What device is your favorite for catching speeders? I use Golden Eagle radar, Lidar. I use everything equally, allot just depends on the weather. For lidar it has to be nice out, as I’m not going to stand in the rain to shoot.

2. What type of radar/laser gun do you use most? Golden Eagle radar, Lidar.

3. What’s your preferred method for catching speeders? I prefer moving radar. Stationary is useless, guys running stationary radar or lidar are just passing the day buy, guys running mobile radar want to catch speeders.

4. Is there a particular way you're instructed to operate your radar/lidar device? Based on training, you operate the way trained.

5. Have you ever bluffed that you got someone on Radar or Lidar? All the time… If the speed I think they were traveling was say 70 in a 55 I will shoot high and say 80 and they person will say something like, “That’s bullshit, I was going like 70, your equipment is effed up” Then since I cheated and got the confession I’ll give a warning and role on.

6. Do you care if a driver has a radar detector? In my state of VA. They are illegal. If the speed is nothing crazy 90+ I will write for one or the other, I usually let the violator choose. Either the detector ticket or the speeding ticket. Word of advice, the detector ticket is no points in VA.

7. Do you look for radar detectors? YES… They are illegal in VA. I don’t personally care if you have one, but it’s a challenge to get a speeder with a radar detector.

8. Do you sometimes just leave your Radar on while moving? YES, If I am on my way to a call, I will shut it off so I don’t have to listen to the tone. But while on routine patrol, it is always on.

9. What's the fastest speed you've measured on? Many 120’s + some 140’s + and a 165 that was chased and never caught.

10. Which do you prefer: Radar or Lidar? I prefer both, each have their place during the day and or season your in. good weather is Lidar. I like Lidar also because I can take it to the car with me to show the person. I prefer radar though because it is more versatile as I can drive with it on.

11. Do you think the primary purpose for ticketing speeders is simply for revenue generation or genuine concern for safety? Allot of revenue is generated from traffic citations, furthermore allot of the revenue goes right back to the dept. that issued the ticket in VA. For equipment and more training. But there are allot of people out there that deserve tickets. Also allot of bad people are caught in traffic enforcement. Anyone that has stopped a large number of cars have caught drugs, guns and wanted people. So there is allot of legitimate reasons to stop speeders weather they get tickets or warnings but allot of traffic enforcement is for DUI detection or drug intervention.

12. Do you think folks with Radar Detectors are better or worse drivers? Worst for sure… And are in my experience usually hiding more than speed. In VA they are illegal so you really have to want to run one to do it. Most arrest I have made for drugs the person had a radar detector and stated I had the radar detector so I wouldn’t get busted. If you don’t want to get busted, DRIVE THE SPEED LIMIT!!! The other side of this is, in VA we give like 15 over anyway most of time. Most people with radar detection drive in this range already,, thus making the need for the detector unnecessary. The people I have busted with detectors were driving like 90+ with a line of cars following them which made the entire event reckless. Truckers are the ones by the way that rat you out. I receive more assistance from truckers that are pissed because someone is driving like an ass and they always say on the CB “hes running hot” meaning you have radar detection. At that point I find a willing trucker and drive right in front of him with all radar equipment off and wait for you to pass and shoot you in the back and the rest is history..

13. What part of the vehicle do you typically aim at with Laser? Tag first, then Grill, if none of that works the edge of the roof line. If I cant get a read on your car I will follow until I find a reason to stop and investigate further.

14. Are there any cars, in particular, that are hard to get on Laser and radar? As far as cars that were hard to target with Radar I always found that if you had 4 or more cars and one was much larger then the other it was truly hard to tell which one was speeding if they were all in a close group together at that point I have seen cops pull over the guy that was driving the nicest vehicle even

15. At what speed over the posted speed limit do you tend not to show leniency? 15 over will get you stopped but not necessarily a ticket. In VA. 20 over or 80 is reckless driving, this is where your going to sign paper.

16. Does driver demeanor (respectfulness, promptness, apologetic, etc.) have an impact on the thresholds used for issuing warnings vs. tickets? YES 100%............. But for me more than anything is your driving record. When I pull you info off the MDT and you have had 5 other speeding tickets, you are going to sign… If you record is clean you dive with written warning.

17. What is the best thing a driver can do during a traffic stop to make the officer feel comfortable/safe? Role down your window, if you have tint, role all of them down. Place your hands on the wheel and wait for him/her to approach. BE POLITE!!! Even if you get a ticket and want to fight it the officer WILL testify to your demeanor in court where the judge will take this in consideration more than anything else. Cop get a hard time from allot of people during the day in domestics and all kinds of non traffic related events. Being polite and courteous will do more to help you that anything…

18. What color cars tend to be targeted more often (if this is at all a factor)? The ones that are driving fast!! Color has no bearing on the stop. Window tint does though, I watch tinted vehicle closely..

19. What methods are typically used to catch speeders? In VA. Everything is used. VA is hard on speeders. Jail is very common here.

20. Are the aforementioned methods taught to officers or created by the individual? The first thing you are taught when you get out of the academy and on the street is forget every thing that you learned in the academy and now this is when you are going to start to learn the real way.

This is the comment that was here during my copy/paste and it fits so I left it.

My own words! Cops run radar for many reasons, some like it, some are bored at that particular time and just want to sit and shoot traffic. Allot of my friends hate writing tickets but think that simply showing a presence is their way of slowing people down. I have written 15000 tickets in 13 years. I had a relative killed but a drag racer that lost control of his car. But I will say even with that, most of my tickets are deserved. I don’t write allot of 70 in a 55, the Bull Shit tickets to the working guys going home at night. I write reckless, 80+, tailgating – my pet peeve, Window tint. I write multiples. If I stop you and you are 82 in a 65, with no seatbelt and bald tires, I write 3 tickets.

If you are that guy at work that does more than everyone else, that is what traffic cops are. They are go getters, while the other officers are hanging out a burger king or the donut shop the traffic cop is being proactive, looking for speeders, drugs, guns, wanted people which are all products of traffic enforcement. These are the guys that want to be promoted. These officers make more money as well, Most depts. Pay overtime for court and traffic cops are in court allot. Traffic enforcement picks up in the months before Christmas because officers want to make more money for presents.

Advice: Stop immediately, don’t make us chase you. Role down your window, shut off your car and place your hands on top the steering wheel. Be polite but don’t kiss ass. Being polite goes along way in court. If you want to fight the ticket, that is your right and you should. Most cops don’t care if you want to fight your ticket. But I will tell you that if you were polite and you show up to court dressed well and are apologetic most of the time your ticket will get drastically reduced anyway. Also if you are an ass and you are local, the officers will be looking for you now. Being an ass is highly counter productive!!!!!


What a Douche!  Apparently if you have tinted windows you are a terrorist.  Anyhow, good info as unfortunately most cops think along the same lines, and act along these lines as well.

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Some officers are pretty forthcoming. I've heard from a few cops (in different cities in MN and KS) that their department's policy was to not pull drivers over unless they were 15 mph above the limit on the highway, so I used to always drive 84 mph on the freeway from Minnesota to Kansas. I never once got a ticket.

The same cops said the rule was 10 mph on city streets, but they still preferred to go for more reckless speeders. I have been pulled over going 51 in a 40. No ticket.

However, they also said they could pull you over for any speed, of course, and I stopped risking more than 9 mph over because a) I worry about when they need to make quotas or money for budgets, and b) I've never had a ticket and kind of want to keep it that way at this point.

I also have heard of cops pulling people over for 6+ mph over in special, low-speed zones, like the 25-mph river roads near here or 20 mph school zones, though I have NEVER been pulled over when going less than 10 mph over the "limit," so "drive 9 mph over" is my advice to everyone.

You know, Captain, every year of my life, I grow more and more convinced that the wisest and the best is to focus our attention on the good and the beautiful, if we just take the time to look at it.
-The Phantom Planet [1961]
That's about right. Cops can pull you for any speed.. and many will do so if they want a reason to "investigate" you and your vehicle further. I've had one ticket and received it when I was 16 yrs old for going 55 in a 35 -- (artificially low speed limit on a 2 lane road) -- anyhow.. Only reason I was even going that speed was because I had just discovered that my 300zx has a Revlimiter lol.. and so I showed my friend by going to redline in 2nd gear.. which happened to = 55mph on the dot (stupid I know). So the car was screaming, and I passed a speed trap .. on came the disco lights.

Since then.. over the last 19 years.. I have not received any tickets. (Knock on wood)..

My rule of thumb is my own rule -- Which is roughly 10% of posted speed limit plus the first number in PSL added.

So 55mph zone.. 5+5 = 10 = ~64-65

70mph interstate = 7 + 7 = 84

40mph road = 4 + 4 = 48

Only exception is really school zones -- I do the PSL on the dot.. police don't mess around with those areas.. and I don't blame them. It's the only area I wouldn't mind being pulled over for speeding (If it's actually when school is opening or being let out) -- Cops who enforce the school zone speed limit too harshly at 9pm at night,.. annoy me.

Of course I go slower or faster really based on how well I know the area.. and now the counter meaures I have (I'm a Radar detector/laser jammer enthusiast) -- So have top of the line systems and if you ever want to know anything about any of it.. Ask me,.. I have a stupid amount of knowledge on them.. and am a contracted design consultant for Escort Inc and Valentine Research (the two top quality Detector companies).. basically they send me prototypes and I give them feedback on what to do with them.. and get paid a little for it while having fun Smile

If any of you do run a Radar detector -- Please, talk to me. Smile

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I'm appalled at his use of the word "allot". Makes me wish all cops were at least 12th grade literate.

I got a warning a few years back (warning not ticket for specific reason). I was on my way to the dentist to get a tooth pulled that had been abscessed and finally went down and was able to be pulled. Was in pain with it for over a week. So I head down this road that everyone (even cops) would go 40-45 on. So I'm heading down the road, passed a church (which used to have a daycare so they got a "school zone" sign put up) and as I come to the end of the road to a T, I start to turn right to head towards the expressway. As I start to go I hear sirens. Mind you I'm in so much pain I'm not paying a ton of attention to what's behind me. I had to take a defensive driving course when I was 17 for driving on a permit w/o a licensed driver present. Was just running to the corner store about a mile away and was goin a bit fast. So because of that I am always aware of what's behind, and around me, and always making sure have an "out" incase someone is about to rear-end me. In 93 i got rear ended and thus began all the issues with my neck.

So I hear the siren as I'm turning and immediately pull over and am looking around for where the cop is at. Didn't even see him behind me when he pulled up and turned the siren off...lol

So I finally glance in the mirror, only because it's too painful to turn my head again, and I see his black unmarked dodge WITH TINTED WINDOWS behind me.

So he comes up to the car and I assume the position. I used to drive a tow truck for 3 years and we had a contract with the Hammond PD to tow whatever cars they impounded or had accidents in our quarter of the city. And because of this I knew to roll the window down, have papers ready and hands on the wheel.

He asks if I know how fast I was going and I'm honest "I honestly don't know. Probably 40'ish?" I wasn't aware of the ONE SINGLE PSL sign going the opposite direction, that said "25" on it.

He said that the residents along this road were complaining of a lot of speeders so that's why they're out there 'allot'. He takes my info and comes back and says he can write me a 'city citation' which means no points, i just pay a fine (City makes money directly in other words). Or I can take the ticket, etc. I just take the citation.

I was so in pain that I didn't even think to tell him about my tooth and the reason why I was going so fast. I think I was astonished that it was 25 through there when I always thought it was 35.

He was a nice guy, friendly, no outwardly visible attitude or ego like most. So I was nice back.
I used to have a 89 sunbird, red with black interior. After one summer in that car I decided to get the windows tinted because of how hot it was. So wanting a cooler (temp wise) car would make me a 'turrerrist' in VA? I imagine they have even more than here with the elevation and more sun than we get. Plus it gets hotter in the summer there. Hell in NC tinted windows were almost required by law it got so hot in the summer.
And what did he think he was doing filling out a 'survey' on a site dedicated to radars, etc.? Moron...not 'allot' of brains in that LEO's head...

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Oh this Cop is now threatening the community since he's been banned.

He says he will now devote his time to inform the FBI, .. well I'll just quote part of what he said.

Quote:For FEMA I am an Management & Program Analyst, I travel the east coast and teach police officers all about event mitigation and tactics in disasters. I have every kind of LEO contact you can think of from FBI, Heads of State Police agencies in every state and yes “MIKER” especially NYS… So I have decided to help out in my special way. As follows here is some of the action items I worked on today while at work:

1. I Notified DHS about one particular forum member that may be a Sovran Citizen.
2. I sent an official email to every state police agency in the United States including Alaska informing them of this site and content.
3. I sent this site to Virginia State Police and the Virginia Fusion Center, as well as all police training facilities in as one guy put it, the “Peoples Republic of Virginia” that one is original I liked it…
4. Furthermore I sent this sight to the director of traffic services of Washington Dc and the area State Police office for DC.
5. I also spoke in person to the Virginia State Police Academy radar instructor who certifies all new Troopers and recertifies all existing Troopers for there Radar and LIDAR recertification’s. He has told be in an extensive phone conversation that he will incorporate Escort Live, WAZE, and the Non-detectable RD unites into his new training class starting in just a few weeks. These tactics will be come of the curriculum at the VSP academy.
6. I have added this site and several of the posts to my training curriculum and power point presentation, which will go to 25-30 law enforcement training classes per year.
7. I notified the Virginia Department of Transportation and Virginia State Police Commercial Motor Vehicle enforcement unit located at all the Scale points in Virginia about the hidden and undetectable RD’s and this Site. I also received a call from him as well thanking me and will become part of evening pass down to the on coming shifts at all weigh stations in Virginia starting tonigh.
8. I will be developing a color flyer to send out to all Law Enforcement Agencies informing them of WAZE, Escort Live and citizen counter measures to Law Enforcement actions.

yeah.. he's nuts. And guess what,.. no one CARES about people talking about Radar detectors -- he's just being ridiculous.

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You know, Captain, every year of my life, I grow more and more convinced that the wisest and the best is to focus our attention on the good and the beautiful, if we just take the time to look at it.
-The Phantom Planet [1961]
(03-02-2015, 09:23 PM)Capn_Eric Wrote:  sovran

Heh.. Yes,.. I tend to believe it's a Legit Cop because of how awful his spelling is.  Instead of just a really good troll. Wink

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I really hope he's not an actual LEO, his spelling is atrocious. And who cares about people talking about radars and detectors? As if the FBI doesn't have more pressing concerns than to 'worry' about a 'sight' that talks about radars? I'm worried that we have someone like this carrying a weapon and it's 'ok' for him to do so....

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(03-02-2015, 11:16 PM)YoYo3172 Wrote:  I really hope he's not an actual LEO, his spelling is atrocious.  And who cares about people talking about radars and detectors?  As if the FBI doesn't have more pressing concerns than to 'worry' about a 'sight' that talks about radars?  I'm worried that we have someone like this carrying a weapon and it's 'ok' for him to do so....

He is. And sadly the majority of United States Cops are dumb, and don't need a Gun. This is fact.. Sad

Anyhow,.. we know he is a Cop because he , as the genius he is,.. Signed in to the forum (and made multiple accounts after being banned) with his Homeland Security IP address. Yeesh.

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