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GTA V - Screenshots
Post your GTA Screenshots here!

Here is the crew that first beat the Prison Break Heist in our "QI Gangstas" Crew setup.

[Image: gta_prisonbreakcrew.jpg]

Brandy Beating me as usual,.. she's the Guard, I'm in Handcuffs Wink

[Image: gta_prisonbreak_brandy_beatingmejpg.jpg]

The QI Crew is starting to get it's Biker Gang together... hehe..  (Shot is missing Brandy, and Pipi.. )

[Image: gta_start_of_biker_gang.jpg]

The game is super fun.. so much to do we haven't scratched the surface.  -- Upload your screenshots,.. single player, online, doesn't matter. Smile

To take a screenshot in game press F12 at any time.

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Just Chill'n... Wink

[Image: brandy_mutley_chrome_chillinginapartment.jpg]

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Mutley (Mr_HaneyICT) - Couldn't stop laughing at this...

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Alister and Chromatic on a Mission -- The Poles Must Die! Smile

[Image: alister_chromatic_the_poles_must_die.jpg]

Bill Nye aka: PipiBug - His Typical Driving Smile

[Image: bill_nye_pipibugs_typical_driving_style.jpg]

Brandy Marie driving her 18 Wheeler with Chrome chill'n in the passenger seat -- Escorted by Pipibug!

[Image: brandy_chrome_outside_rig.jpg]

This is how Brandy Marie rolls... In her Big Rig .. 10-4

[Image: brandy_inside_rig.jpg]

Chromatic checking on Brandy Marie on the ground.. I, I.. don't feel a pulse..   -- Pipibug!!

[Image: Checking_out_to_see_if_Brandy_is_ok_Pipi_kills.jpg]

GTA kindly supplies everyone in their Apartments with a Bong and unlimited booze and weed.

[Image: chillin_in_apt_taking_hits_from_the_bong.jpg]

Chromatic .. "I said give me your ID , Mr. Saminga!"

[Image: chromatic_gun_to_face_saminga.jpg]

12and35 makes a rare appearance in GTA V.. No speaking, but typing off the right hand side. Discussing a Mad Max movie

[Image: chromatic_kills_saminga_OOPS.jpg]

The Qi Gangstas on a Heist -- Chromatic ready to Snipe ... Brandy Marie's ASSets are distracting lol..

[Image: heist_Chrome_on_sniper_bass.jpg]

Chromatic and Mutley at the Strip Club -- Mutley  (Mr_HaneyICT) -- Is throwing his money at the ho..

[Image: mutley_haney_throwing_bills_at_stripper.jpg]

Part of the Qi Crew hanging out in the Apartment..   Chromatic, Pipibug (bill nye),.. Saminga, and Brandy Marie

[Image: pipi_saminga_brandy_chrome_in_apartment.jpg]

Pipibug (bill nye) -- Giving Chromatic a most Welcome Gesture in the car.

[Image: pipibug_bird.jpg]

Brandy Marie, Chromatic, and Bill Nye(PipiBug) -- All watch as Saminga attempts to get rid of his Dave Grohl look.. Wink

[Image: Saminga_getting_DID_up.jpg]

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You guys are hilarious! Looks like fun!
(04-29-2015, 07:56 AM)Deep Wrote:  You guys are hilarious!  Looks like fun!

Oh it's super fun,.. you should join us more! Smile

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This Wednesday afternoon, early evening we had quite a few of the Qi Crew on at once.... 6 of us were starting all sorts of trouble ...  

The Crew Members today were: Mr_HaneyICT, Chr0matic, BrandyMarie3, PipiBug1 aka (billnye), Saminga, and Alistracious .

Alistracious - Mr_Haney - Brandy Marie- and Chromatic on a Speed Boat during regular Mission:

[Image: alister_haney_brandy_chrome_on_speed_boat.jpg]

Haney (Mutley) Issues a freemode challenge for the Qi Crew to ramp off this mountain ledge , jump out of our cars, deploy parachute and land safely.

Brandy attempts.. but oops,.. forgets her parachute!  lol!  (She also managed to epicly kill me watching on the road below with her car tumbling down the mountain)

[Image: brandy_tries_haney_jump_no_parachute_1of2.jpg]

As you can see here it looks like I'm safe,.. and Brandy Died via splat lol.. but her car took me out anyways. Smile

[Image: brandy_jump_fail_2of2_show_death_car_to_kill_chr.jpg]

Haney, Pipibug, Chromatic, Brandy Marie, Alistracious, and Saminga have a little destruction Derby ---

[Image: haney_pipibug_chrome_brandy_alistracious_saminga.jpg]

The aforementioned Haney (Mutley) freeroam Qi Crew challenge -- With me looking on at a successful attempt.. in the distance you will see a Parachute deployed.

[Image: haneys_jump_successful_me_looking_at_jump.jpg]

Qi Crew - on Heist to Steal two Armored SUV's, one with a Turret.  -- Crew consists of Chromatic, Brandy Marie, Saminga, and Pipibug (Bill Nye) -- Just before we initiate our attack and mayhem.

[Image: hesit_humane_raid_insurgants_steal_armored_vehic.jpg]

The crew on the way back with the successful theft of the Armored LAVPS (sp?) aka: Armored SUV's for Humane Raid Heist:

[Image: heist_humane_raid_insurgants_two_armored_suvs_st.jpg]

Pipibug (bill nye), Chromatic, Brandy, and Saminga in the Heist planning room getting ready for the next phase of the heist.  To Take a speedboat to aircraft carrier, commit multiple homicides, and steal the Harrier Jet for EMP -- With three of us taking regular F-18's to shoot down enemy jets.  

[Image: heist_planning_room_pipi_chrome_brandy_saminga_h.jpg]

Here we are on the Speedboat to said Aircraft Carrier:

[Image: heist_off_to_steal_harrier_jet_speedboat_chrome.jpg]

On a regular mission,.. Mr_Haney, BrandyMarie, Saminga, Chromatic, and Pipibug get airborn taking a shortcut en route to the Depot in El Burro Heights. Wink

[Image: on_mission_short_cut_saminga_pipi_chrome_in_car.jpg]

During a Mission -- a few of us Die,.. and Pipibug, and Saminga are remaining to finish said mission.  The News has live breaking news of "Suspect thought to be affiliated with gangland outfit "QI Gangstas" LOL!

[Image: pipi_chrome_saminga_brandy_mission_News_Breaking.jpg]

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[Image: 1_being_briefed_on_main_humane_raid_heist_saming.jpg]

[Image: 2_chrome_piloting_main_labs_heist_waiting_on_cre.jpg]

[Image: 3_emp_heist_undetected_samingahacking_chrome_ali.jpg]

[Image: 4_Heist_Destroy_Helicopters_Chrome_on_Minigu.jpg]

[Image: 5_heist_setup_outfit_deliver_EMP_pipi_chrome.jpg]

[Image: 6_heist_deliver_insurgent_emp_sniper_rifle_chrom.jpg]

[Image: 7_humane_labs_raid_heist_qi_crew_chrome_pilo.jpg]

[Image: 8_Landing_stolen_chopper_heist_valkyrie_chro.jpg]

[Image: 9_outside_strip_club_chrome_with_golf_club_samin.jpg]

[Image: 10_Strip_club_Chrome_pipi_saminga_shirtless_an.jpg]

[Image: 11_victory_on_humane_labs_heist_cool_guys_neve.jpg]

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[Image: 1_Heist_Delivering_Titan_Saminga_Chrome_Pi.jpg]

[Image: 2_Seige_Holdouts_Chromatic_and_Dreadandalive_a.jpg]

[Image: 3_heist_series_a_coke_trevor_with_saminga_chr.jpg]

[Image: 4_Heist_series_a_coke_mission_1_trevor_with.jpg]

[Image: 5_heading_out_front_door_for_series_a_coke_hei.jpg]

[Image: 6_series_a_coke_saminga_and_chrome_on_boat_g.jpg]

[Image: 7_series_a_heist_coke_passed_Ron_opening_C.jpg]

[Image: 8_series_a_heist_trash_men_Pipi_driving_garb.jpg]

[Image: 9_heist_series_a_trashmen_Ron_opening_tras.jpg]

[Image: 10_heist_part_3_series_a_Bikers_Pipi_Chrom.jpg]

[Image: 11_heist_series_a_bikers_on_shore_for_snip.jpg]

[Image: 12_Smoking_victory_of_Bikers_l_r_saminga_dread.jpg]

[Image: 13_series_a_heist_WEED_setupwith_RON_Saminga_Drea.jpg]

[Image: 14_series_a_WEED_out_front_door_chrome_dread_sam.jpg]

[Image: 15_series_a_WEED_delivering_2_black_trucks_of_we.jpg]

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[Image: 16_Series_A_WEED_Ron_looking_at_weed_success.jpg]

[Image: 17_Series_A_Steal_Meth_Taking_trevors_methjuice.jpg]

[Image: 18_Series_A_FINAL_heist_Funding_Yellow_Suits_mas.jpg]

[Image: 19_series_a_actual_heist_yellow_suits_chrome_sam.jpg]

[Image: 20_series_a_funding_main_heist_Chrome_and_saming.jpg]

[Image: 21_success_final_heist_series_a_funding_trevor_h.jpg]

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