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Why You Need a Radar Detector!
Hey guys,..

I'm a bonafide expert on RADAR/LIDAR - Which stems from Radar Detectors, working on contracts some of the companies (Escort, Cobra, etc) - And I firmly believe everyone who drives needs to invest in a quality Detector  - Just ONE save more than pays for the $250-$650 price tag.

I put up a "Tech Blog" and wrote about Three Detectors I firmly recommend based on your needs/personality/wants -- I encourage anyone who drives regularly, especially those who have had a ticket in the last 5-7 years,.. to give it a read.  If you have any questions go ahead and  comment there -- Or here, either is fine.

The Blog is located (Click)-->  Blog: Why You Need a Radar Detector!

[Image: copradar.jpg]


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Oh lucky you.
In the Netherlands it's so illegal the fines are 300€+ and have to remove the device immediately!
It's illegal in 2 of the 50 states here.. So for most people no worries.. That said, you still only have a certain percentage of people smart enough to use them (or buy ones that actually work well.. a $50-$100 detector just isn't going to cut it, plus it will just constantly go off to false signals from automatic doors, other cars, etc and annoy you to death) Smile

Minimum for a decent detector is $250+.. The one used in this video runs $400 which is a steal to be honest.

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