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Why YOU need a Radar Detector!
Hey guys,..

It's been a while since I've put up any of my footage, so I decided to pull the dash cam and put this one up as it was a very nice save.
I was coming home from a 4 hour drive - Night time,.. so up on the PSL a fair degree (You know how that goes) -- and I get a blip that ramps up -- eventually turning into a 2 Mile detection overall from the Valentine One with YaV1 running.

This Cop was on a narrow shoulder as you'll see in video and I would have been toast here -- he was 100% on axis and sans detector probably easy to miss to be honest.

This isn't discussed much, but there is a bit of a safety element with this as well imho. As you'll see in the video the Cop was in a bit of a dangerous spot being on such a narrow shoulder for any drivers who are briefly distracted at the wrong time and had that inevitable slight drift over to the right on a long drive, etc.. And BAM into Cop car and who knows the outcome. So this warning with ramp up , if for nothing else, would and did alert me and anyone else in the same scenario that a cop car was indeed ahead and the ramp up would dictate just how close until LOS/Visual which shows where.
Anhow, here's the 2 minute clip -




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